Hog Hunting In Texas

As lights fade and dusk approaches, your initiation into this war we call Texas hog hunting hangs less than a sunset away. Armed with Prone Outfitters’ advanced night hunting equipment, adrenaline pours into the bloodstream as the extermination of wild boar awaits. With a single glance through Prone's thermal image scopes, you find yourself in a world where heat mutates into a wild hog's greatest weakness. As you pave your warpath, not only can you see everything, but in complete darkness, nothing can see you. Become the ultimate hog hunting predator with Prone Outfitters!

2 Prone Outfitters; hog hunting in Texas
  • • One-of-a-kind Hunting Experience
  • • Unlimited Hogs and Varmints
  • • Unmatched Customer Service
  • • Top-Grade Thermal Equipment
  • • Extensive Variety of Animals
  • • 60,000+ Acres Across Texas
  • • Experienced Full-Time Guides
  • • Quality Lodging/Accommodations

Texas Hog Hunting

Dedicated to the removal of wild hogs, Prone Outfitters is the leading full-time guide service for free range hog hunting in Texas. No kill limits, massive hunting ranches, and fantastic customer service make our all-inclusive packages the ultimate Texas hog hunting experience. If killing wild boar and a pile of varmints sounds exciting, try it with our heat detecting thermal scopes and see why you should be hog hunting in Texas with Prone Outfitters!

Accompanied by nice accommodations and hunting guides who make their living by putting blood in the truck, hog hunting in Texas doesn’t get any better than this. With up to 1,000 yards of vision at night, our thermal hog hunts provide countless opportunities at wild pigs and varmints throughout the night.


Thermal Hog / Varmint Hunt


  • • No Limits
  • • No Kill Fees
  • • Honest Expectations
  • • Unique Hunting Style
  • • Skinning/Quartering Included

This is the fully guided thermal hog hunt you've seen all over the internet and television. Armed with top of the line thermal vision equipment, hog lights, and deadly guides, hog hunting in Texas has never been more intense. With 1000+ yards of vision at night, thermal hog hunting is your path to becoming the ultimate predator!

Hunting right out of the truck, stalking through open fields or thick brush, and extremely close quarters make thermal hog hunting in Texas one of the most attention grabbing outdoor sports in the country. You cannot beat the intensity of this hunt and it can last all night.

Food and Lodging


All of our lodges are either brand new or newly renovated within the last year. Alongside chef-prepared meals, the accommodations at Prone Outfitters are fantastic!

Hog Hunting Texas

There really are millions of wild hogs in Texas, but that doesn’t mean every free-range hog outfitter can produce the same results as Prone. Too many people leave the success of their Texas hog hunt to part-time outfitters with small hunting ranches and big-boy jobs. Don't book a hunt with a half-ass guide who puts you in a deer blind for six hours and insists on prolonging the feral hog problem by limiting your kills. Those outfitters are harming United States farmers, and harvest limits sound more like a PETA convention than Outfitting anyways.

Texas hog hunting laws are designed to eradicate feral hogs, and we use every method possible to get you as many opportunities as we can. Hunting ranches with large wild hog and varmint populations require consistent management, and setting a limit on how many you kill is not an option. Weather and current conditions determine our exact hunting style, but rest assured it will include moving vehicles, thermal scopes, close encounters, and plenty of empty shell casings.

If you want real hog hunting in Texas, book your hunt with an industry leader trusted by thousands of hunters across the country. Texas hog hunting isn’t our hobby; it’s how we make our living. It’s after dinner and before we put on our blood-stained jammies.

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Huge Wild Boar
Wild Hog Hunting In Texas

With good reason, pig hunting in Texas seems to be on the top of everyone’s “To-Hunt” list these days. You’ve probably heard about it through a friend, the internet, or seen it on T.V., and we know exactly why. They’re an awesome critter to hunt, and by far one of the most fun! Now your main concern should be how you can do it, and who you can trust to make sure your Texas hog hunt is a successful one.

We have highly experienced guides on every hunt that supply all of your transportation and actually GUIDE you through the entire experience. While we do offer some Do It Yourself hunts, we don’t expect you to be an expert. Taking you to kill pigs is a great part about our job, but teaching you how to do it while you’re out there is what makes hog hunting Texas most enjoyable for us. If it’s not fun for you, it’s not fun for us, and that’s what we’re here for; killing wild boar and putting a smile on your face.

You’re not truly pig hunting in Texas unless your hunt is followed up with a good home-cooked meal and a clean room to sleep in. We have designated cooks that live on each property, and we guarantee you’ll be more than satisfied after each meal.

We have property spread throughout the state of Texas, so all of our lodging is a little different. Detailed descriptions of the lodging and amenities offered at each property can be found on our Locations Page. The majority of it is top-quality, and sure to impress. Amenities can include: Direct TV (inside and outside), 100+ DVD’s and Blu-Ray, 4G booster for AT&T, camp fires, horseshoes, washers, true Texas camaraderie, and beautiful Texas skies.

Hog Hunting in Texas with Prone Outfitters:

Hog Hunting in Texas can be enjoyable for hunters of every breed. The sheer quantity of hogs in Texas allows great opportunity for new and experienced hunters alike. No closed season and lenient hunting regulations allow Texas pig hunting to be a year-round activity. With a collection of multiple unique properties and over 60,000 acres across the state, Prone Outfitters is the ultimate destination for your Texas hog hunting trip.

As always, customer service is our number one priority. High standards and quality hunting properties drive us toward offering the best Texas Hog Hunting available in the state. Whether you stay at one of our custom built hunting lodges, or a hotel near the property, you should expect to be well taken care of at all times during your stay. When we are not hog hunting you are welcome to nap, hang out with the crew, or take part in any of the daily preparations.

You do need a license! Check TPWD for details.


Because we have properties spread throughout the state, our lodging is a little different on each ranch. No matter which property you end up hunting on, you can be certain that it will be clean and tidy. We use everything from local hotels to brand new rustic ranch houses to make sure you and your group are well taken care of during your stay with us. Most of our properties have walk-in coolers on site for your meat, along with shooting ranges to use before the hunts begin.