Texas Dove Hunts

Texas dove season brings some fast paced action and late night camp fire stories to long be remembered. Our properties and accommodations ensure everyone has ample opportunity to bag plenty of birds, eat some good home-cooked food, and hang out with like-minded people interested in your same passion; dove hunting. Dove hunting Texas is a high tempo pastime great for hunters of all ages. It’s hard to beat the excitement of shooting birds out of the sky, and Prone's properties filled with sunflower, wheat, milo, and/or corn will leave you ready to go time and again. With land all throughout Texas, we accommodate avid dove hunters from across the U.S. and have options available for everyone.

Dove Hunting in Texas
  • • Great chance at limiting daily
  • • Planted fields and high-traffic hunting areas
  • • All-inclusive packages
  • • 61,000 Acres in Texas
  • • Very kid-friendly
  • • Personalized Customization With Many Options
  • • Knowledgeable Guides On Every Hunt
  • • Great for corporate groups

Three Day Dove Package


All-inclusive three day package. 3 limits of birds, food, lodging, and great customer service.

Basic Itinterary

Day One: Midday arrival at our brand new custom hunter cabins. You'll have time to settle in and get comfortable just before we go slam some birds. Afterwards we'll have a home-cooked dinner and a camp fire.

Day Two: Pastry breakfast in the morning before we head to the field. Hunt until late morning. Home-cooked brunch and some down-time at our main lodge. Early evening hunt and another home-cooked dinner and camp fire.

Day Three: Pastry breakfast before we head to the field. Hunt until late morning and come back to another home-cooked brunch. A little more down time and departure around noon.

Texas Dove Hunting

To lead off the year's hunts, Texas dove season brings some fast paced action and late night camp fire stories to long be remembered. Our properties and accommodations ensure everyone has ample opportunity to bag plenty of birds, eat some good home-cooked food, and hang out with like-minded people interested in your same passion; dove hunting. Dove hunting Texas is a high tempo pastime great for hunters of all ages. It’s hard to beat the excitement of shooting birds out of the sky, and Prone's properties filled with sunflower, wheat, milo, and/or corn will leave you ready to go time and again. With land all throughout Texas, we accommodate avid dove hunters from across the U.S. and have options available for everyone.

All of our dove fields are scouted prior to your hunt, and we mainly hunt high-traffic food and water sources. With multiple locations throughout the state, we conveniently host hunters from in and out of Texas. We are located within 3 hours of all major airports, and can support groups of 20+ dove hunters at a time.

High quality customer service makes Prone Outfitters the ultimate destination for dove hunting Texas. Coupled with your morning and evening hunt, awesome home-cooked food and top notch accommodations provide a hunting vacation fit for a king. We take great care of our customers, and drop limits all throughout dove season.

Dove Hunting Texas Style

Texas dove hunting is some of the best in the United States and perhaps the world. People come from all over to this wide open country of ours, driving and flying hundreds of miles come autumn, anxious to arrive at these wide plains where the birds are known to blacken out the sky opening day of the new Texas dove season. It is well known amongst enthusiasts that dove hunting Texas style is one of the fastest paced and most exciting experiences in all the world of hunting.

Whatever your particular level of ability and experience, when it comes to dove season in Texas, we here at Prone outfitters have got you covered. With years of experience and many a dove season in Texas under our belts, we are here to ensure that your Texas dove hunting trip is an unforgettable experience, the memories of which you can hold on to for years of Septembers to come.

The Quarry

While the humble dove itself is by no means fierce or terrifying quarry, these birds certainly don’t give themselves to just any hunter lacking the appropriate skills.

Although the dove is an ancient and international symbol of peace, it also happens to be particularly tasty when set on a grill with some bacon, or barbeque sauce. Dove season in Texas is about family, friends, a delicious game bird, and bragging rights about the crack shot it takes to bring one down. But it is also about appreciation for this fine bird. In this section, we will take a look at the three species you can look forward to encountering during your Texas dove hunting experience with Prone Outfitters.

Mourning dove: Also known as a “turtle dove”, this is one of the most widespread and ubiquitous dove in North America. Luckily, these dove are prolific breeders. This is fortunate because according to sources, over 20 million birds are harvested annually in the US alone. Texas dove hunting provides mourning dove in droves, and it is common for the flocks to get so big as to nearly block the sun in the morning.

White winged dove: Native to the southwestern US, this bird of the famous rock ballad has lately been under pressure from increased urbanization. Due to the removal of much of its environment, the white wing has greatly increased its area of habitation to include Texas and much of the Southeastern US. Delightfully plump and distinguishable mostly by the white edges of its wings in flight, this particular species makes for a fine barbeque after a long day of Texas dove hunting.

White tipped dove: The white tipped dove is actually a native species that can often be found during dove season in Texas. These large dove are notorious for being hard to hit, as they tend to fly quickly and are famously wary and cautious.

There are several other species of dove one may encounter on their Texas dove hunting trip, but those are mostly protected. Between the three species mentioned above, your Texas dove season should be fast paced, exciting, and reward you with plenty of plump dove breasts for your grill or deep fryer. Just don’t forget the bacon and jalapeno peppers for a real Texas dove hunting meal.

Texas Dove Season: That Special Time of Year

Dove season in Texas is one of the earliest game seasons of the year. Depending on what part of the state you are in, the 2015 season will either officially get kicked off the fist of September, or September 18th at the very latest.

Not only does this window allow sportsmen to get some early hunting in, but it also makes Texas dove hunting some of the most physically comfortable and low effort hunting you can find. Unlike duck hunting, there is no moist and frosty pit to hunker down in. Instead of shivering in a deep woods deer blind as you wait for a big Whitetail buck to step out, Dove hunting Texas style involves little more than sitting on the edge of a field with a cooler on one side and a box of shells on the other.

After a long hunt, it is time to knock back a couple of Shiners and enjoy a Texas barbeque in the autumn shade. It is all part of the beauty that is dove season in Texas. We hope you will come join us. But first, know that a little preparation, both in terms of equipment and the skills necessary, goes a long way to ensure that you have a successful Texas dove season. Let’s explore some dove hunting tips that will make your trip a truly memorable one.

Prepare Yourself for Dove Season in Texas

We here at Prone Outfitters strive to make your Texas Dove hunting as hassle free and enjoyable as possible. Still, it pays if you take some time to make sure all of your ducks (or dove) are in a row before you make the trip across the wide plains and miles of rolling hills of our great state in time for a bit of Texas dove hunting.

Firstly, you want to make sure that you are in compliance with laws regarding licensing for dove hunting. For more information regarding the specific license that will be required in your individual case, make sure and visit the following link, and do your due diligence ahead of time:


Depending on your physical size, you will want to use either a 12 or 20 gauge shotgun for dove season in Texas. If you aren’t familiar with shotguns, a 12 gauge is more powerful, and as such will have a much more substantial recoil. Keep in mind that dove are quite frail birds with light bones – it doesn’t’ take much in terms of pure power to knock them out of the sky. Dove hunting, then, is more of a finesse sport and a smaller gauge like a twenty will definitely work. Therefore children, smaller women, or slight men will find a twenty gauge is the preferred weapon of choice. However, most experienced hunters over 150 pounds will prefer a 12 gauge for their Texas dove hunting experience.

If you are already prepared with your own trusty weapon, it may still benefit you to go out for a bit of clay disc shooting before the Texas dove season kicks off. After spending upwards of nine months without shooting a bird on the wing, it is quite easy to grow rusty. Hand eye coordination becomes highly important when you are tracing a dozen different birds zig zagging through the blue Texas sky, so make sure you have your wits about you and have sharpened the necessary skills before you get out onto the field.

A well-oiled gun can also help. As the law requires that your shotgun be “plugged” so that it can only hold three shells, you are more than likely going to be doing a lot of reloading, and the gun’s mechanics will tend to work a lot better if they have been thoroughly lubed up in preparation for the Texas dove season.

Another key item that many first timers forget is a quality pair of sunglasses. Texas dove hunting may require long hours staring up into a clear and sunny sky scanning for the tiny outline of game birds. Therefore, those without sunglasses run the risk of a headache or worse- missing out on potential shots due to the glare.

Sun block, bug spray, and a good pair of ear plugs can further add to the enjoyment of your dove season in Texas, so make sure to prepare a checklist before you make the journey. A few extra bucks and a little time put into getting ready can make all the difference once the birds start flying.

Dove Hunting Tips

We do all of the preparation for you, but you are the one who’s got to drop them out of the air and onto the grill. Follow some of these dove hunting tips and you’ll increase your success in the field:

• Keep your eyes on the horizon. Most times you’ll see them just above the tree lines.

• Stay confident in your shooting abilities and don’t stop swinging!

• Keep an eye on your dead bird before you shoot another one.

• Safety first. Don’t shoot towards others, and keep your eyes and ears peeled for others shooting towards you.

• Be vocal. Alert your buddies of birds they can’t see, and they’ll do the same for you.

• Enjoy the time with your friends. It’s social hunting; take advantage of it.

Whether you are a veteran of many a Texas dove season or a greenhorn just getting in your first hunt, there is always room for improvement. Besides being a somewhat technical skill, hunting is also very much an art. Getting the most out of the experience means attention to detail and the ability to learn from your mistakes. Those bragging rights don’t come easy here in Texas, but earning them is half the fun after all. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some dove hunting tips that will make your Texas dove season a successful one.

Don’t miss opening day: A dove hunting enthusiast who misses the first day of the Texas dove season has done him or herself a serious disservice. On opening day, many of the dove are young and inexperienced, have yet to become gun-shy and skittish, and are less wary overall of hunters. It is not unheard of to hit your limit within minutes. An experienced hunter can even take down several dove with one shot on opening day of dove season in Texas, as the flocks of game birds really are that dense.

Lead your dove: Of course, a good hunter learns to lead his prey when finally taking a shot. This is not something that can really be explained in writing, but suffice to say that if it is your first time on a Texas dove hunt, it may take a while to get used to. Not all dove are equal when it comes to flight pattern and speed. Pay attention to exactly how much sky is between your gun barrel and your target when you take the shot, and make sure to adjust accordingly for following shots. This is somewhat of a beginner dove hunting tip, but one that you will use throughout your career as a hunter.

Hold the shotgun snugly against your shoulder: Those of us who have spent many long days knocking dove out of the sky may get a chuckle out of this one. It is not uncommon, after many hours of hunting, to have somewhat of a bruise on one’s shoulder from the long period of absorbing shotgun recoils. In order to alleviate this problem, as well as improve your aim, it is important to make sure the shotgun is held firmly and as snugly against one’s shoulder as is possible before pulling the trigger.

Learn to listen: The sound a dove makes when flapping its wings is distinctive, and veterans of Texas dove hunting learn to quickly pin point the direction such sounds are coming from. The rapidity of the sound can even tell you how fast a particular bird is flying. Learning to distinguish these sounds and paying attention to the various differences can do a lot for your Texas dove hunting experience.

Safety tips: Our last dove hunting tip is one you have surely heard before if you have engaged in much hunting of any kind. While dove hunting is fairly safe as far as hunting goes, there is always the danger that your pellets could “pepper” other hunters in your party. Never shoot in the direction of other people, no matter how distant they seem. Always take care where you point your gun, and be prepared to shield your face should another hunter inadvertently pepper you.

There is no time and place like Texas Dove Season

Remember, the Texas dove hunting experience is about enjoying yourself and taking a break from the toil of everyday life. Set some time aside this autumn to appreciate all the outdoors has to offer. If you aren’t having a good time, you aren’t doing it right. We hope to see you this Texas dove season!