Stand and Feeder

Hog Hunting

“As one of the most successful hog hunting guides on the planet, I will tell you that Stand and Feeder Hog Hunts are the MOST inefficient form of pig hunting that exists.”

— CLAY HERZOG: Owner of Prone Outfitters —

If you want a guaranteed hunt, book one of our Thermal Hog Hunts!

Can Stand/Feeder hog hunts be successful?



Is everyone that purchases a Stand and Feeder hog hunt going to be successful?

Hell NO! Not here. Not anywhere.

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Stand and Feeder Hog Hunt


Texas Hog Hunting

The success rate on these Stand and Feeder Hog Hunts are between 60% – 75%. If someone else tells you different, they’re either in a high-fence or run less hunts than we did our first year in business. 

Wild hogs are one of the most sensitive and sporadic animals in the woods. Their sense of smell is off the charts, and NO ONE has control of what you do in the blind while you wait. Scent, noise, and fairy dust will change a pigs mind in a heartbeat. 

Stand and Feeder Hog Hunts

Prone Outfitters will give its best effort on this hunt, and we’ve killed hundreds of pigs doing this. HOWEVER! If you come down on this hunt and leave a bad review, KNOWING there is a large chance of being unsuccessful, we will charge your credit card 3x of what your hunt cost is. **To book this hunt, you will sign a contract that says such.**

On top of that, your guide will personally take our thermal scopes out to the wheat fields, harvest a pig within 24 hours of your hunt, and we will happily make you look like a dumb ass in public through social media, YouTube, and of course Google (How you found us).

We LIVE on the top 5% of pig ground in the country. An unsuccessful Stand and Feeder hog hunt is NOT because of poor preparation, lack of effort, or over-hunting the land. Again, Prone Outfitters guides will happily prove you wrong within 24 hours if you choose to think differently. 

P.S. Prone has sold more hunts by not catering to douche bags. If you think a bad review will hurt our sales or feelings, try it, and we’ll sell a minimum of $10,000 in hunts just by making you look stupid.

That being said, we bend over backwards for good clients and will NEVER provide a half-ass job on this hunt.