Spot and Stalk

Thermal Hog Hunting

Prone Outfitters Thermal Hog Hunting combine a target-rich environment with a style of hog hunting sure to keep your adrenaline pumping! With an average shot distance of 35 yards, even the most seasoned hunters have a hard time keeping their composure. 

Along with unlimited predators and small varmints, this Texas hog hunt is unlike any fully-guided experience available. 

No Harvest Limits

No Trophy Fees

GUARANTEED Shot Opportunity

Prone Outfitters

Texas Hog Hunting

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Used as a monocular, Prone’s thermal image scopes allow up to 1,400 yards of heat detection in complete darkness. Because wild hogs feel comfortable during the night, our large wheat fields turn their primary feeding grounds into a wide-open death trap.

After spotting a group (sounder), we make our move in a single-file line to limit our troop’s silhouette against the night sky. With the wind in our favor we creep through the open fields and compose the remainder of our game plan on the fly. Reaching a distance that borders hand-to-hand combat is an art-form, and we paint with blood!

We’ve made it to 30 yards and everyone’s nerves are through the roof. Your guide QUIETLY arranges your group in a formation dependent upon where and how many wild hogs are in range.

Mere seconds before the massacre, you raise your gun. Your guide makes his way to the outside of the formation and shines a laser in the direction of focus as you make any last-second adjustments. Within seconds, he lights up the pigs with his hand-held spotlight and you lay the hammer down!!!

After your shot at glory we’ll either be jumping for joy because you crushed an entire family of wild pigs! Or we’ll be crushed because we just spent an hour stalking a group of pigs for unsuccessful target practice. None-the-less, more wheat fields are only minutes away!

What to bring on your

Thermal Hog Hunt

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Aside from wind direction, quiet clothing is the single MOST IMPORTANT factor when within 100 yards. If you want to be successful from close quarters, which is the entire idea of this style of hog hunting, DO NOT bring clothing that makes noise. Summer time will be 75+ degrees at night. Throughout all other seasons, you should be prepared for warm and cold weather. Camouflage is welcome but not necessary. 

***Double-up on hoodies and long underwear before you bring a loud jacket or pants!!!***


With minimal amounts of wind, and/or taking out large boars, rifles with low-power scopes have proven to be an extremely effective weapon. Semi-Autos are welcome, but controlled shooting will be enforced!!!

  • 30 Caliber or Larger
  • Low Power Sights


With wind of 10+ mph, shotguns can do some major damage as well. If we can get two or three hunters within 30 yards of a group of 20 pigs, something is going to die, and typically it won’t just be one.

  • 00 Buckshot
  • Slugs
  • Hybrid Buckshot/Slugs
  • Low Power or Open Sights
  • Extension Tubes are Neat

Pistol and Bow

If you want to try your hand at extremely close quarters and uncomfortable situations, we can do this style of hunt with pistol and bow! Obviously you won’t kill as many as you would with a rifle or shotgun, but this style of Texas hog hunting will still leave you with several opportunities. 

*Shin-guards and helmet not supplied*

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We need you as quiet as possible in the field. While these items can all be beneficial, if you do not know how to use them properly they become more of a nuisance than helpful.

  • Gun Light Attachment (White, Red, or Green)
  • Shooting Stick (Mono-pod for moving targets)
  • Small Backpack (If we end up on an hour-long stalk you might want water, more bullets, or your stress ball.)
  • Your own night vision or thermal scopes.

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Texas Hog Hunt?

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Thermal Hog Hunting

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