Texas Turkey Hunting

With multiple properties and over 46,000 acres of land throughout the state, Prone Outfitters offers some of the best Turkey hunting in Texas during the Spring and Fall of each year. These Rio Grande Turkey hunts can be either semi or fully-guided, and we are sure to have a property that fits you and your group’s needs. Whether you want us to point you in the right direction and let you do it yourself, or you need an experienced guide to bring them in close, we can put you on birds.

Turkey Hunting in Texas
  • • 95% success rate over 3 years
  • • 2 Bird included in each package
  • • Knowledgeable Guides on every hunt
  • • 61,000 Acres of Free-Range Turkey Hunts in Texas
  • • All-inclusive packages available
  • • Personalized Customization With Many Options
  • • Can be Semi- or Fully-guided
  • • Over 40 birds killed in 2015

Texas Turkey Hunts

3 Day Turkey Hunt


1 on 1 Fully Guided Hunt


Extra Tom


Turkey Hunting in Texas

All of our Texas Turkey Hunting properties have a lot of Rios, and we highly manage them each year to ensure quality and quantity over time. With multiple creeks running through each place, roosting areas are abundant and hunting strategies can be more direct, as we know they often roost along these creek beds. With that, our success rates continue to sit above 95% year after year.

turkey hunts in Texas
Texas turkey hunts
Texas turkey hunting

Turkey Hunting in Texas can prove to be a challenging, yet very rewarding hunt. With most shots being 40 yards or closer, you are bound to get the rush you’re looking for. All of Prone Outfitters Texas Turkey hunts are either semi or fully-guided. They include two Rio Grande toms, a knowledgeable guide, and excellent customer service. All of our hunts are highly personalized, so even if you feel you have an odd request we can probably handle it. We can mix and match multiple different hunts as well. I.e. Turkey, Hog, Varmint Combo.

Whether you're a first time hunter or looking to finish up your Gran Slam, our properties, amenities, and knowledge of Rio Grande Turkey are hard to beat. We use a variety of hunting styles on all of our Texas Turkey hunts, and apply them according to recent patterns, weather, and our hunters experience level. Prone Outfitters offers some of the best Turkey hunting in Texas, and there's nothing we enjoy more than putting blood in the truck. We will do our very best on every hunt, and our success rates continue to prove that we love when our customers take down Turkey.

The Top Texas Turkey Hunting Outfitter

With a very high success rate for Texas turkey hunts and thousand acres of land, hunting with Prone Outfitters is a fantastic experience for veterans and greenhorns alike. Whether you are on old time gobbler hunter or looking to bag that first bird for Thanksgiving dinner, you won’t be disappointed in what we have to offer. Book a trip today, and we’ll keep the turkey calls ready for your visit.

Wild Turkey History

Long before Europeans arrived on the North American continent, turkey hunting in Texas (or what would come to be called Texas) was already a way of life for many native tribes. With the coming of powerful firearms it was touch and go for a while, and it seemed like Rio Grande Turkey were likely to become a thing of the past as the species itself was decimated by the voracity of their human predators.

Most fortunately, however, we find ourselves living in a resurgence, a golden age of Texas turkey hunting, with the wild turkey now a thriving species in our great state and elsewhere. So if you’ve been dreaming about taking a trip for some turkey hunting in Texas, there has truly never been a better time. Let’s look a little more closely at this finest of game birds, cherished the world over as a challenging quarry and the source of a particularly delicious and juicy lunch meat.

There are five species of turkey indigenous to the new world: Eastern, Osceola (Florida), Merriam’s, Gould’s, and at last our beloved Rio Grande wild Turkey. As the Rio Grande Wild Turkey (RGWT for short) is your most likely prey on a Texas turkey hunt, we will focus in on this species and its habits. Covered in vibrant feathers used for insulation and flight, the RGWT is a beautiful creature to look at, particularly when it comes to the “Toms” or male turkeys. They molt several times throughout their life cycle, and some expert hunters will be able to tell the maturity of a bird in large part from its plumage. One of the easiest ways to quickly tell if a Tom is mature is by its most distinctive “beard”, or cluster of feathers hanging up to a foot down its chest. Hens have been known to sport beards as well, but generally these are much shorter and less defined.

There are two seasons when turkey hunts in Texas can legally take place. Make sure and set the time aside for one of the most fantastic experiences in the world of sport and game hunting. The spring season generally takes place between April and May, and it may be interesting to note that this is also the time of year when Toms are very actively engaging in mate seeking behavior (strutting and scratching). They also may be noisier during this season and respond more favorably to skilled calling.

The second Texas turkey season takes place late in the year during fall, which is of course a great time to impress your family by supplying Thanksgiving dinner using your proven hunting prowess. While turkey seem to be a bit more dormant during the chilly autumn months, fall Texas turkey hunts are becoming increasingly popular. You aren’t going to want to miss some of the best turkey hunts in Texas during these two peak times, so check out what kind of package Texas turkey hunts we here at Prone Outfitters have to offer. You won’t be disappointed.

A list of Texas hunting season dates can be found HERE. **Please note all of our properties are in the "North Zone"**