Texas Hunting

Texas Whitetail, Hog, Turkey, Dove, and Varmints!

Here at Prone Outfitters we are dedicated to providing you with the most customizable Texas hunting packages available. If Prone ends up being your final destination, we will prove from the minute you contact us that you are in the right hands. With access to property all across the state, great amenities, and the best customer service in the industry, Prone Outfitters’ team takes pride in knowing we are one of the only high-quality Texas outfitters still around. With that, you should expect nothing but the best from our organization from day one.

Hog Wild Experience

young trophy whitetail buck

Texas Deer Hunting

Whitetail hunts are top notch and a great all around experience. Big South Texas Whitetail Deer, fantastic lodging, and five star customer service make this hunt hard to beat!

Hog Hunting

Hog Hunting in Texas

Hog hunting in Texas is an activity that will get any hunter pumped up and ready to go! Flexible hunting hours and numerous techniques allow combining Prone Outfitters hog hunts into the ultimate Texas hog hunting experience.

Turkey hunts

Turkey Hunting in Texas

We have Rio Grande Turkey Hunts running all over West, Central, and North Texas. We can either set you up with a fully guided hunt, or we can find birds and let you do your own thing.

Prone Outfitters Promise to You

Prone Outfitters prides itself on Customer Service. We make sure every customer is fully prepared, has the opportunity to discuss hunting methods, and can learn from some of the best guides in the state. We take the time to get to know each and every one of our hunters personally, and make sure that their time with us is more than memorable. Many outfitters have long forgotten the importance of giving their customers the Full Experience. The shot is up to you. Leave the rest to us!

We understand that everyone in your group may not want exactly what you want, and that’s just fine! While we do plenty of one person hunts, we are here to accommodate everyone, no matter what the circumstances are. Sharing our knowledge and love of hunting is very important to us, and declining someone because of a complicated schedule or any other obstacle isn’t in our blood. We want you out here doing what you want to do, because YOU are what drives us to continue.

We can accommodate everyone from first time hunters learning about the sport, to professional hunters who depend on us to make a living. Here, you will have the opportunity to customize multiple different hunts at a variety of locations throughout the state. With access to property all across the state, we continue to produce High Quality Hunts all year long. A wide variety of terrain, game animals, and vacation like amenities give us the freedom to mix and match everything from Texas Whitetail and Hog Hunts to Dove and Rabbit target practice.

This sport we call hunting is a beautiful thing. It’s a rush, it’s relaxing, and it’s how we were meant to live. Here at Prone Outfitters hunting is our way of life and we wouldn’t change it for anything. 365 days a year we hunt, scout, and prepare to make sure we provide the best possible hunting experience available to our hunters. After years of hunting there is nothing we love more than being able to share everything we’ve learned and worked for with our customers. Over time we have come to understand that hunting is done best YOUR way, which is why our goal is to provide you with the most customizable hunts available.

Attention all out of state hunters!

To make your life a little easier we have written multiple articles on what it takes to get started hunting in Texas! If you’re shopping around and wondering what the legal requirements are to hunt in Texas, then this is for you: How To Get Started Hunting In Texas. If you simply want to know a little bit more about wild hogs, how we hunt them, and what is required from you, then this is for you: Hog Hunting in Texas: The Ultimate Out-of-State Hog Hunting Guide.

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