100% Free-Range

Texas Hog Hunting

There is no guide service in the country that can compete with the quality and consistency of Prone Outfitters’ Texas hog hunting. 

With years of experience and thousands of harvests, Prone’s clients have likely killed more FREE-RANGE wild hogs from the ground than any outfit in existence.

What Defines Quality

Hog Hunting in Texas?

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Prone Outfitters sets no limit on how many pigs you can kill. It’s real hog hunting, not a PETA convention!

Prone hunts 100% free-range wild hogs! Fenced in pig hunts do nothing to actually help solve the wild hog problem. 

Wild hogs shouldn’t have an extra price tag just because of their size. With Prone, you are purchasing a service, not a limited number of trapped pigs under 50 lbs.

Part-time guides and outfitting services fill the Texas hog hunting market. Prone’s team loves what they do, and because hunting is our full-time job, we spend countless hours in the field preparing for your arrival.

Stamford, Texas

Our best hog property is a working cattle ranch that covers over 5,500 acres in North Texas. Large wheat and soybean fields, massive amounts of water, tons of cover, and a hefty supply of cattle feed put this hog ground in the top 1% in the country.

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The Real

Wild Hog Problem

Though some claim to be the “Best Hog Hunting Outfitters in Texas”, read more below as we unravel the misinformation that has flooded the Texas hog hunting market. 

Along with the QDMA, Prone feels the transportation and release of live feral hogs should be banned, and ask that you do not contribute to the madness!

If you want real hog hunting in Texas, book your hunt with an industry leader trusted by thousands of hunters across the country. Texas hog hunting isn’t our hobby; it’s how we make our living. It’s after dinner and before we put on our blood-stained jammies.

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