Prone Outfitters

Texas Turkey Hunts

Hunters of all experience levels are capable of harvesting birds on Prone Outfitters Texas Turkey hunts. With over 36,000 acres throughout North and South Texas, Prone’s semi-guided and fully-guided clients have proven successful hundreds of times.

Successful Texas Turkey Hunt

Extremely large numbers of Rio Grande Turkey populate our ground, and our future depends on the continued success of our clients. You should expect nothing less than some of the best turkey hunting North America has to offer.

April 1, 2023 - May 14, 2023

Turkey Hunting Season

Spring Turkey Season in Texas is approximately six weeks long with an extra weekend before and after the General Season for Youth Hunters (17 and under @ date of license purchase). The following season dates apply to the North Zone in which counties Prone Outfitters operates.


Spring Season:

   North Zone: April 1 – May 14, 2022

Youth Only:

Mar. 25 – 26, 2023 & May 20 – 21, 2023

**Not Applicable to all Texas Counties**


Turkey Hunt

You will receive plenty of personal direction and information on Prone’s semi-guided turkey hunts. A Prone Outfitters guide will escort you around the ranch before your hunt beings. He will take you along the perimeter of a 300 to 750-acre section designated to you. Land marks, such as creek beds and/or fences will define your borders.

During the ride, we will provide as much information as possible about your area. This discussion will include recent sightings, roosting, dusting, and feeding areas, water holes, and common travel paths. Once we have established a general plan, your quest of harvesting a Texas Rio will be underway! 

Your guide will take great interest in the details following each hunt. Combined with our previous knowledge, the information you provide will determine our recommendations. We expect all of our clients to be successful, and with a few basic guidelines, your hunt should be no different.

Choose from 2

Texas Turkey Hunting Packages

Semi-Guided Turkey Hunt

per person, per day


Fully-Guided Turkey Hunt

per person, per day



Turkey Hunt

You will be escorted by a guide 100% of the time during Prone’s fully-guided turkey hunts. He will choose your hunting locations and will tailor his strategies to fit your skill level. He will call, provide decoys, if he decides to use them, and employ the use of hunting blinds if necessary.

What to Bring

Turkey Hunting

Wild turkey have amazing eyesight and a great sense of hearing. We highly recommend QUIET camouflage, from head to toe!

  • Long sleeve shirt/hoodie
  • Pants
  • Gloves
  • Facemask
  • Face Net (for Gnats and Skeeters) **do not forget this item**
  • Shotgun
  • Bow
  • Crossbow

Extremely Important:

  • Turkey Vest/Chair
  • Calls (Semi-guided hunt)


  • Decoys
  • Pop-up Blind
  • Face Paint
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