North, South, and Central

Texas Dove Hunting

Texas dove hunting is a traditional favorite marking the beginning of the Texas hunting seasons. There are few hunts in the world where you can experience a fast-pace, low-stress social environment, and still be successful. Not to mention you can move around, chat with your friends, drink beer, and leave your scent control at home!

North Texas Dove Hunting

Whether you want to kill birds with a few buddies or entertain a large corporate group, Prone Outfitters Texas dove hunts are a perfect fit.

September 1, 2022 - November 13, 2022

Texas Dove Season

Group sizes up to 25

Allowed 15 birds/day

35,000 Acres

Kid Friendly

Prone Outfitters

Texas Dove Hunts

Prone Outfitters Texas dove hunts take place in several locations depending upon where the birds are flying. Usually we’re somewhere around Abilene, Texas though.

Prone Outfitters

Dove Hunting Packages

Central Texas Dove Hunts

per person, per day


Dove Hunting Texas

Aside from opening day, Prone Outfitters Texas dove hunts begin and end at noon. A three-day hunt will cover three FULL days, beginning at noon on day one, and ending at noon on day four. You will begin on opening morning if you hunt the first weekend of the season.

Corporate dove hunters

Best Time to go Dove Hunting?

“If you want to choose the absolute best hunt times, the second and third weeks will likely be hard to beat.”

One cannot predict the best days of the Texas dove season well in advance. The opening few days of the season are typically decent hunts. However, until we get a cold front to push birds down from the North, the amount of birds will be fair.


On the other hand, we will be LOADED with birds once a couple cold fronts move the birds down. Usually this is the second or third week of the season. If you want to choose the absolute best hunt times, the second and third weeks will likely be hard to beat.


Throughout the rest of the season we will hold a solid amount of birds just because of the food, water, and bedding our properties contain.

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