Texas Deer Hunting

Whitetail hunters around the world come to experience Texas deer hunting with Prone Outfitters every year. With access to over 36,000 acres throughout North and South Texas, Prone has hosted hundreds of successful Whitetail deer hunts since 2011. We provide reasonable expectations and help hunters harvest FREE-RANGE deer on an extremely consistent basis.

Prone Outfitters

Texas Deer Hunts

All Whitetail Deer Hunts Include:


1 Whitetail Deer

One Turkey Hen

Unlimited Hogs + Varmints

Skinning + Quartering of Harvested Game

November 7, 2020 - January 3, 2021

Texas Deer Season

Choose From 4

Whitetail Packages

This semi-guided deer hunt includes two full days of hunting and allows a quick method to fill the freezer. One Whitetail doe or spike buck, one turkey hen, and unlimited wild hogs. 


The Whitetail buck harvested on this three day fully-guided hunt is decided by your guide. Typically it will be 7 points or less, and is inferior to the gene pool of our trophy Whitetail. 


Success rates sit at approximately 75% on this semi-guided Texas Whitetail hunt. To ensure successful harvest, you should be prepared to harvest the first mature buck that gives you a good opportunity. 


With five full days, your greatest chance of a successful Texas deer hunt lay in this package. High Whitetail populations have provided near 90% success rates on this semi-guided hunt, and mature bucks average around 135 inches. 


Choose From 2

Whitetail Hunting Locations

Stamford, TX

  • North Texas
  • 7,500 Acres
  • Bigger-body size
  • Tons of Hogs
  • Accommodations off-site

Fort Mckavett, TX

  • South Texas
  • 28,000 Acres
  • Massive Population
  • Few Axis Deer
  • Accommodations on-site

Prone Outfitters

Texas Deer Hunting Ranches

Prone Outfitters

Whitetail Management Strategy

We follow a simple strategy to fulfill our Whitetail management goals. Meat hunts and Management hunts before the rut, and trophy hunts during and after the rut.  (Usually somewhere between November 18 – December 7.) Doing so will keep management bucks from breeding, allow our trophy bucks to breed, and avoid hunters killing females bred by those deer.

**The above rules are strictly enforced at the Stamford Ranch, while the Fort Mckavett ranch is a little more lenient due to its massive size and population.**

Photo of Clay Herzog while Texas Deer Hunting

Food plots, protein, sweet feed, corn, mineral blocks, and cattle cubes are all used throughout specific times of year at both ranches to maximize the potential of our Texas deer hunting.

Prone Outfitters

Deer Hunting Method

Prone Outfitters Whitetail deer hunts are all still-hunts. To control the amount of pressure throughout the season, we do not allow spot and stalk. While we do use the blind/feeder method, mature Whitetail bucks aren’t stupid.


When we feel it necessary, we will stray from the blinds and begin using home-made brush blinds, tripods, and pop-up blinds. If we can get you on a deer from a comfortable blind, that’s great! But we will sacrifice comfort for a higher chance at your success any day of the week!

what time of year should you

Hunt Deer in Texas?

Almost everyone wants to hunt Texas Whitetail in the rut, and while it is a fantastic time to be in the field, it is not necessarily the BEST time of year for everything.


In our opinion, the pre-rut is the easiest time to deer hunt in Texas. Because they are comfortable, their patterns are much easier to follow and the amount of time you have to shoot is typically longer as well. 


On the other hand, once the rut hits you’re going to see a ton of deer! Which deer you see will be up to the Deer Gods, as they’ll be running around everywhere with their brains in the gutter. If a buck is on a hot doe, he may only show himself for a few seconds. If you’re playing thumbsies with yourself instead of paying attention, we’ll both have a rough week. 


Late season, or the post-rut, is a similar combination of both. While we do have a second rut, it’s often short and deer are back to a fairly consistent schedule. By this time of year deer are more alert, and hunting blinds becomes less and less common. This is when pop-ups and home-made ground blinds become most useful, as long as the weather permits.

when should you book your

Texas Deer Hunt?

We recommend booking your Texas Deer hunt a year in advance. While we will still have spots available, scheduling well in advance ensures your preferred hunt dates. Because of property size, Whitetail hunts at the Stamford ranch are less abundant and go much faster. 


Consistent success requires a vast amount of work, preparation, and dedication. As one of the most respected Texas deer hunting outfitters, we make the process simple so you can enjoy your hunt with minimal sweat and frustration. We have fantastic customer service and take immense pride in our Texas deer hunts. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today!

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