Texas Varmint Hunts

Varmint hunting is one of the most exciting types of hunting available in Texas. It is fast paced, and much different than the traditional "sit and wait" hunt. Coyote, Bobcat, and Grey Fox are your main trophy targets here, and Prone Outfitters has an extreme amount of experience in killing these animals.

  • • Unlimited Varmints
  • • Hunt Any Time Of Year
  • • Hunt Day or Night
  • • 61,000 Acres for Varmint Hunting in Texas
  • • Personalized Customization With Many Options
  • • Knowledgeable Guides On Every Hunt
  • • Lots of Action and some serious hunting!

Fully Guided Varmint Hunt


Texas Bobcat Hunting

Bobcats are a beautiful animal to add to anyone's trophy room, and your chances of killing one with us are extremely high. Bobcat hunting is something we've done for a long time and is a hard hunt to beat.

Coyote Hunting

Coyote Hunting is fast paced and not for those who aren't quick on the draw! Usually 4-5 seconds is all you'll get from these sly dogs. We've worked thousands of coyotes with calls and we understand the art of hunting these animals very well.

Fox Hunting

Fox hunting on our properties in South Texas is insane, as you may have noticed from some of the pictures above. Bring your A-Game and you'll leave with more fox than you want. (Great Varmint hunt for Kids!)

Kill Everything Hunt

This is probably the most enjoyable hunt for the guides here at Prone Outfitters. Bring your .22 and kill every small varmint we can find. Bring a few hundred rounds and prepare to enjoy your night of moving target practice! It's great for the kids, and is action-packed all night.

We use a variety of hand held, electric, and diaphragm calls to help you capitalize on any and every situation. We've taken hundreds of fox, coyote, and bobcat across the state of Texas, and it's usually a favorite between guides.

Each of our properties offer something different when it comes to hunting these animals. Some are predominately better for coyote hunting, and some are better for fox and bobcat hunting. When you call to book your hunt, we'll be sure and discuss what animals you're after and which hunting methods you prefer.